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Policies and Procedures

University policies can be found in the Miami University Policy and Information Manual, the Handbook for Graduate Students and Faculty, and the Student Handbook. For SATSS staff, employment policies are published in the SATSS Handbook.  A University Policy is a rule that has university-wide applicability. A policy may include governing principles, it may either mandate or constrain action, it may ensure compliance with law, or it may mitigate the university's risk. A proposed policy must be approved by the President and, in some instances, the Board of Trustees before it becomes official.

Many departmental or divisional policies and procedures, although useful and important, do not meet the criteria above and, therefore, are not considered University policies. Departments and divisions are authorized to adopt appropriate policies and procedures for the discharge of responsibilities and governance of the unit. All departmental and divisional policies and procedures that define or elaborate University policies and procedures must be consistent with University policies and procedures. To the extent that any departmental policy or procedure conflicts with any divisional policy or procedure, the divisional or University policy or procedure prevails. To the extent that any divisional policy or procedure conflicts with any University policy or procedure, then the University policy or procedure prevails.