PFD Initiatives

Beechwood hall at sunset

Physical Facilities (PFD) is committed to creating a more sustainable and green campus through proper waste management, energy conservation, and responsible construction practices. Miami and PFD's sustainability progress is facilitated via numerous employee-generated Lean process improvement projects and through coordination with Miami's Sustainability Committee.

Waste Management

PFD's involvement in sustainability unofficially started in 1989 with the creation of Miami's Recycling Program. Campus contests led to the launch of the Recyclemania Competition in 2001. Working with other departments across campus, PFD continues to advance waste diversion, starting food scrap composting and single stream recycling in 2012.

Energy Management

PFD has had a similar long involvement in energy conservation. Exceeding the state's 10-year reduction goal of 20% per square foot in 2014, Miami's campuses demonstrated a reduction of nearly 22%. In terms of energy consumption, the total decreased, even while square footage increased over 25% during the period.

Buildings and Grounds

Miami's LEED credentialed buildings and otherwise "greened" construction projects enhance both the look and performance of the campus and how we move around it. Prime examples of LEED can be found clustered in new dining and residence halls on Western Campus, supported by the Geothermal Heat Exchange Facility.