Fall Early Arrival Housing

Prior to the start of fall semester, students may request to move into their assigned building and room before the official move-in dates as availability permits. For the most part, early arrival arrangements are approved for students to move-in to their permanent room assignments as assigned for the academic year. However, due to various summer and construction activities on campus, there is an occasional need to place students into temporary housing assignments until their permanent rooms become available. Any such need for a temporary placement is communicated directly with any student affected.

Sign Up for Fall Early Arrival Housing

To stay on campus prior to their official move-in day, students must submit a request online using their Online Housing Account. The sign-up form is accessed by clicking "Break & Early Arrival Housing" within the housing account page. The earliest a student can request to return to campus for Fall 2023 (without an exceptional need) is Friday, August 18. The sign-up form is only for students who are individually requesting to arrive early, not as part of a group or team.

  • Arriving early as part of a group or team? If you are part of a university team or group, then your group leader will submit a housing request for you!

Cost of Fall Early Arrival Housing

Students who pre-register for early arrival housing are charged a daily rate based on their tuition promise cohort. A listing of daily rates is available below. Students who do not register for housing and use their card to enter their room are charged $55 per day. All early arrival housing charges are billed to the student's bursar account.

For Fall 2023, daily charges are listed below.

Early Arrival Housing Rates
Tuition Promise Cohort Daily Rate
2017-2018 $37.00
2018-2019 $38.00
2019-2020 $39.00
2020-2021 $40.00
2021-2022 $41.00
2022-2023 $42.00
2023-2024 & Non-Cohort $44.00

Check-In Procedure for Fall Early Arrival

There is not an official check-in station provided during early arrival housing. After a student registers for early arrival housing, room access is assigned to their ID card. Students approved for early arrival housing can move in anytime after 9:00am on their approved early arrival date.  

  • If you do not yet have your Digital ID loaded into your e-wallet, you will need to do so before your arrive on campus.  The Digital ID is how you will access your building and room when you arrive on campus.
  • The Campus Services Center located in Nellie Craig Walker Hall will be open as follows:
    • Office Hours:
      • Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm
      • Saturday, August 26, 2023, 8am-5pm
      • Sunday, August 27, 2023, 8am-5pm


Urgent Safety Concerns During Fall Early Arrival

Residents staying on campus prior to the start of the semester who need urgent assistance should call either the Miami University Police at 513-529-2222 or the Residence Life staff member on duty at 513-330-2005.