What Can I Do with a Major in Biology?

Biology is the study of life, from viruses to ferns to elephants, from the level of DNA to ecosystems.

Biology majors*:

  • test hypotheses
  • use scientific equipment and instrumentation
  • apply concepts and utilize formulas
  • write proposals, reports, and articles
  • use digital imaging and image analyses

There are many options available to Biology majors. A partial list would include admission to pre-professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary, physical therapy, etc.), graduate studies, or immediate employment.

For those seeking immediate employment, possible careers include**:

  • museum curator
  • park technician
  • assistant pathologist
  • technical sales representative
  • environmental impact analyst
  • high school biology teacher

Additional Resources

*This is a sample of specific skills (competencies) that Biology majors acquire; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that these are in addition to the general skills that are common to all CAS majors.

**This is a sample of career options available to Biology majors; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that some of the listed career options may require additional education and/or training beyond the bachelor's degree.