What Can I Do with a Major in English:Literature?

The Literature major is an ideal major for students who love to read and write. In intense and discussion-based classes, you will analyze and discuss the forms of cultural expression that matter to you most: poems, novels, comics, plays, and films. You will be challenged, provoked, and inspired as you learn the valuable skills of critical reading and clear, persuasive writing.

Literature majors*:

  • compare and summarize
  • work in groups
  • weigh values
  • work in a range of genres and media

Miami Literature majors find that the coursework and academic rigor of a BA in Literature prepares them for a number of career paths. Some students go on to pursue graduate degrees in the humanities, while others enter professional schools in fields like law, medicine, library science, and business. A number of recent literature graduates have placed into top ten law schools. Many graduates join the workforce right away and go into fields like professional editing and writing, marketing, consulting, sales, teaching, and management.

Career options for Literature majors include**:

  • publicity coordinator
  • information specialist
  • advertising account executive
  • acquisitions editor
  • freelance writer
  • public or private school teacher

Additional Resources

*This is a sample of specific skills (competencies) that Literature majors acquire; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that these are in addition to the general skills that are common to all CAS majors.

**This is a sample of career options available to Literature majors; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that some of the listed career options may require additional education and/or training beyond the bachelor's degree.