What Can I Do with a Major in Political Science?

Political Science is the description, analysis, and explanation of political behavior, governmental institutions, processes, policies, and political leadership.

Political Science majors can*:

  • grasp complex laws or case histories
  • isolate the specific from the general
  • use survey research methods
  • simplify complex data

The Political Science major prepares individuals for active citizenship, for careers in different types of government and private positions, and for advanced study in the social sciences and law. Our alumni go on to study at top graduate and professional schools. Other alumni find careers in business, the foreign service, the armed forces, federal, state, and local government, law enforcement, lobbying, and non-profit organizations.

Career options for Political Science graduates include**:

  • international administrator
  • political geographer
  • civil preparedness officer
  • campaign consultant
  • court administrator
  • economic risks analyst
  • fund-raising specialist

Additional Resources

*This is a sample of specific skills (competencies) that Political Science majors acquire; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that these are in addition to the general skills that are common to all CAS majors.

**This is a sample of career options available to Political Science majors; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that some of the listed career options may require additional education and/or training beyond the bachelor's degree.