What Can I Do with a Major in Spanish?

Spanish is the national language in 19 countries on four continents and is the fourth most spoken language world wide. Los Angeles is now the second-largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. In some areas of the United States, it is used in schools, courts, business, and every phase of daily life. In a few years, more than 35% of all Americans will speak Spanish as their first language. Our ties with Latin America continue to grow, and in the past decade, U.S. trade has grown faster in the Northern and Southern hemispheres than in any other part of the world.

Spanish majors*:
  • perceive word patterns and structures
  • translate ideas/languages
  • explain other cultures
  • compose and express thoughts

Like other liberal arts backgrounds, a major in foreign language and literature serves as a good base for careers in fields where broad educational experience is more important than a strictly vocational major. Combining language knowledge with other skills can lead to positions in such diverse areas as journalism, business, tourism, and government service. A second major or minor are options many language students choose to help achieve their career goals.

Because of the growing importance of Spanish in this country, career opportunities for majors are stronger and more varied than ever. Our graduates are working in businesses with Latin American connections, in law offices with Hispanic clients, and as health professionals, sociologists, teachers, coaches, and law enforcement personnel. Some continue their studies in graduate schools; Miami's well-regarded MA program in Spanish now offers a five-year BA/MA option for the strongest students who may apply to the program in their junior year.

Career options for Spanish graduates include**:
  • customs inspector
  • national security agency representative
  • language teacher
  • museum or tour guide
  • commercial attaché
  • public health worker

Additional Resources

*This is a sample of specific skills (competencies) that Spanish majors acquire; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that these are in addition to the general skills that are common to all CAS majors.

**This is a sample of career options available to Spanish majors; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that some of the listed career options may require additional education and/or training beyond the bachelor's degree.