Securing That First Job: Video Transcript

Robert Essner (Miami, 1969) [former Chairman and CEO of Wyeth Laboratories]: Well, what you look for in an employee, you hope you hire people who have intelligence or who have some skills, who have a willingness to work hard. But what you look for, I think, when someone joins the company, is certainly a track record of success in what they're supposed to do. But many people have that.

What we look for is an outstanding attitude, an attitude of someone who likes to say yes, who clearly can envision what they can do to help the organization, then goes out of the way to do it. And it's not just working hard. It's not just long hours. It's a sense that you get when you watch a younger person in your company that they care about what you care about.

They share some of the goals you have and they're willing to do whatever is in their power to help make those goals happen. And those people stand out. When you see them, as a boss or as manager in a company, those people stand out and those are the ones, I think, whose careers tend to move forward faster than people who just do a good job.

[September 2010]