Advice for COM and Marketing Majors: Video Transcript

Andrew Strickman (Miami, 1991) [Senior Director of Experiential Marketing at Yahoo!]: Almost from the moment I got to Miami — one of the great things I loved about Miami — was that within days or weeks of getting here, I walked into the offices of the Miami Student (the school newspaper). I inquired about getting onto the writing staff and, before I left that day, I had my first assignment. And I just didn't think that there were many other schools — I still don't think there are many schools like that — where allowing a first-year student to have those types of experiences and a different kind of outlet for their creative talents is necessarily available.

I also think that the ways that I chose to enhance my college career, by taking internships during the summer — I went to New York for a couple of summers and interned at the Village Voice — all of those real-life experiences and those opportunities to see how newspapers are made, to see how work was created, really gave me an additional outlet for my creative interests and gave me the opportunity to really expand upon what I was learning in school.

I think the advice I might have for marketing majors, for COM majors, is to consume as much information as you can. We're constantly getting bombarded with information and, with the advent of the Internet, which on some level is still in its infancy, I think that we're faced with having to figure out what to filter in and what to filter out. And I think the only way you can really successfully do that is if you start taking it all in and start to learn how to make those judgments. And, you know, it doesn't need to be all on your own. Work with others to figure out what's important and what's not.

But I think that the range of opinions and the range of experiences that's now being shared through digital media mean that there are many fewer walls between people and cultures and classes. And I think that the more information that we can all take in and process, I think the better off you'll be when you get into the world of marketing.

[April 2011]