What You Need to Know to Do the Job: Video Transcript

Dirk Suter (Miami, 1982) [Manager of Corporate Security for GenOn Energy]: What I always felt benefitted me was Miami didn't teach me what to think but how to think. I think it prepared me well to deal with the challenges that you face every day in the business world.

I would tell them [students] that, at least in my experience, I never saw a job posting that said, B.A. in Sociology. But I wouldn't let that discourage them. I think it offered me a good foundation.

One friend of mine, years ago, had said after he graduated someone told him, 'Well, now you're smart enough to learn what you need to know to do the job.' And I think that was the most important thing was I got a very good foundation to be successful with what I learned here as a Sociology and Gerontology major.

If we're talking about a student like me who didn't know what your career path was going to be, who really hadn't found yourself, sociology gave me the tools to help find it.

I think Miami gave me the tools to face the challenges that I've encountered over the years. Even in Texas, almost a thousand miles from here, Miami's reputation preceded me. People in business know the value of a Miami education and it carries some weight out there.

[March 2012]