Don't Be in a Rush: Video Transcript

Sara Eilert (MA Philosophy, Miami, 2006) [Senior Acquisitions Editor in the areas of criminal justice, legal studies, and teacher education at Pearson Education]: When you're thinking about your degree and the trajectory of your career, whether you have an idea of what your career may be or you have no idea, I would say don't be afraid to try something new, and when you find a course that is hard and that challenges you and maybe scares you a little bit, that's an indication that you are doing the right thing. You are on the right track, you are doing what you ought to at a liberal arts college or exploring something that is scary and hard and is ultimately going to make you a more well-rounded, exciting, interesting person to talk to at cocktail parties or whenever you get your career, whatever that career is. So don't be in too much of a rush, explore lots of different things, and jump in feet first.

The job search at post-graduation can be very scary even if you have an idea of exactly what you want to do and you've spent all of the winter breaks sending out resumes, it can be very, very scary. Your alumni network is one of the most valuable tools you have. Every job that I've gotten since graduation I've gotten with the help of someone I went to school with or a professor of mine. So keep those connections, make sure you are reaching out to the peers and getting their advice because they really are a valuable asset for you.

[March 2014]