Don't Forget What You Learn Here: Video Transcript

Terence Moore (BA Economics, Miami, 1978) [national sports journalist for CNN, ESPN, the NFL Network,, and more]: One of the biggest pieces of advice I would give to the students in the College of Arts and Science is to realize that first of all, Miami is a magic institution, and anything that you get out of Miami is going to help you in the future. And you really don't get the full sense of how great Miami is until you leave Miami. You kind of know when you're here but you really just don't know, okay? This is a magic place, just the entire institution. Then you start getting specific to what you learn in this particular college and just about being a holistic person and just trying to be as complete as you can get. Again, you can kind of feel it a little bit, but once you start getting into the real-world experiences, things start popping up that really makes you realize, "I'm glad I went to Miami." So, don't ever forget that the stuff that you learn here, even beyond just the specifics of your course, but just the overall picture of how to get along with people, how to push yourself, how to never settle for average, and how to not take shortcuts. These are all the things I learned at Miami and in this college.

One of the biggest things I would urge people to do at Miami, and I say this with somewhat of a bias, because I'm a member of the Alumni Board of Directors, and that is, all the surveys that have been taken through the years about Miami graduates is that people just love their Miami experience, and there are statistics that show that the satisfaction that a Miami graduate shows for his or her university is greater than most universities in the country, and that's not even close, okay? However, one of the things we need to do a better job of is being active with the alma mater, and not just financially, but just giving your time. Coming back to mentor or whatever it takes. It's one thing to have that good feeling, "Oh yeah, I remember the toasted rolls, that was great…the Beta Bell, that was great" but you know, participate; we need more participation.

[March 2014]