Explore Everything You Can: Video Transcript

Lisa Werwinski (BS Math Education, Miami, 2013; MS Statistics, Miami, 2013) [Head Diving Coach at Loveland High School and Aquatics Program Director at the Wyoming Swim Club]: I came in as a walk-on athlete, so I learned what it took to rise up to the challenge, compete, and earn your spot on the team. It meant a whole lot more to step on a bus when you had to earn your spot on that bus versus it being given to you because you were a good high school athlete. So, I would say a lot of the connections I have now stem from Miami, from the people I was able to network with, and you never know — you never want to burn a bridge because you never know when that person is going to come back and help you.

Explore everything you can here at Miami, because you are so blessed to be able to explore things in a low-risk, low-consequence environment. Miami has so many opportunities for you to develop as a student, as a leader, as a person, and I encourage you to take advantage of that while you can. And then, moving forward, keep in touch with the people from Miami, the professors, the supervisors, everyone you come across, because you never know where those connections will lead to. And if you always paint yourself in a positive light, when it comes down to that, they’re going to come reach out to you because there's this bond that Miami alums share. I can’t really put it into words, but when you meet another Miami alum, you just kind of know that you have something in common and you always have something to talk about.

[July 2014]