January 2019

Mental Health Training Day for Hamilton City School Nurses Professional Development

Dr. Cricket Meehan and Deb Robison lead the training session.

Dr. Cricket Meehan and Deb Robison provided an afternoon of mental health training for Hamilton City school nurses. The nurses were encouraged to take a role in advocating for policy in their schools. They were also encouraged to take pride in being the only medical authority at school.

CIQS Day (Careers in Quantitative Skills) Mindfulness Presentation

Dr. Cricket Meehan addresses the audience.

Deb Robison and Dr. Cricket Meehan gave morning and afternoon hands-on presentations on Mindfulness with 5 different exercises that taught students to be aware of each of their senses. They were also presented with some mindfulness techniques to practice at home. The Center is following up with each student in one month to further encourage embracing mindfulness into their daily lives.