Educational Opportunities

Oxford beekeeper Alex Zomchek pours honey during a class on bee pollination.

The ERC provides exceptional educational opportunities for students of all ages. There is a large weather station, a bird-watching area, numerous beehives, and nature trails. Visitors can take a guided tour of the center facilities or participate in exciting field research projects. The ERC is a site for field exercises that are part of many Miami University classes and new activities are always welcome.
Unique Opportunities

The Ecology Research Center is unique because it provides opportunities for real manipulative research that are typically not possible at environmental education facilities. For example, landscape manipulation and collection of plants, insects and other invertebrates can be done without the need for special permits. The ERC has a variety of habitats that are close to one another, providing many opportunities for comparisons among various terrestrial and aquatic habitats.


Dr. Michelle Boone discusses frogs with primary school students (STEM Girls Day Out, September 2016).

The center regularly hosts the bi-monthly meeting of the Butler County Beekeepers Association. The ERC has hosted environmental awareness and 4-H groups, residents of local nursing homes, the Butler and Preble County Water Association, as well as various student groups.