Several aquatic facilities are visible from ERC station headquarters.

The Ecology Research Center provides facilities for conducting field research in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems:


In addition to the ERC's field research facilities, several large buildings augment research by providing space for:

  • office
  • teaching
  • laboratory analyses
  • equipment construction/storage

The main building houses the center manager's office, some storage areas and a classroom that can seat 20-25 students. This energy efficient building was designed in 1984 by Miami University faculty member Scott A. Johnston as part of a class project.

Students in the ERC classroom

Near the main building is the office/laboratory (a trailer donated by Proctor and Gamble) that provides office space for those conducting long-term research. It's also used as a laboratory for basic analyses; it has a fume hood, environmental chambers, and a sink area.

The large barn is used to store agricultural machinery and tools, as well as field vehicles. During the summer vehicles are used on a regular basis; users need to schedule and sign up prior to use.

The smaller barns provide storage areas for various equipment such as drying ovens, refrigerator, grass mowing and trimming equipment, sampling equipment, hand tools, agricultural planting equipment, boats, etc. One of the barns houses a small wood shop and, during the summer months, another barn provides space for assembly of experimental devices as well as other research-related activities.