Scientists work with ERC staff using excavation equipment to construct the materials for a research project.

Undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty conduct research at the ERC throughout the year. However, most research activity is during the warmer months. It is always best to plan ahead and contact the ERC staff early so that they can help plan and implement your project efficiently.

Starting a Project

To find out how you might use the ERC for your research or teaching activity, schedule a visit with the ERC manager and tour the ERC grounds. If you decide to proceed with an event or project, meet with the manager to discuss your ideas, generate a timetable, and work out any logistics. Ultimately, a formal request to use the ERC should be submitted to the ERC Director, which will include a short description of the project, the specific resources of the ERC that will be required, the timeframe of the project, and a plan for mitigating any effects on the land or facilities.

Logistical Support

The ERC owns a variety of field equipment to support research projects. Researchers are welcome to use field vehicles, boats, mowers, sampling devices, and a full array of tools from the workshop. Please check with the ERC Manager for any use restrictions and/or required training.

The ERC can also supply the expertise, materials and most of the tools needed to assemble specialty items. The ERC manager can provide expertise in designing experimental devices and assist in locating vendors for unusual items. A variety of traps and other items that have been used in past experiments are stored at the ERC and frequently these items can be adapted to current research projects.