Director's Welcome

  • Director's Welcome

    Karen Dawisha

    Welcome to the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies.  The Center was established in 2000 as a result of a generous bequest from Walter E. Havighurst. We have a tremendous core of faculty engaged in research and teaching; an annual Young Researchers’ conference; weekly colloquia meetings with outside speakers; and opportunities for post-doctoral fellowships. The Center also provides funding for other university initiatives in this area.  Students interested in Russian, East European and Eurasian studies have opportunities for study abroad scholarships, Junior Fellowships in the Havighurst Center, and intensive one-on-one Russian practice.

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    Karen Dawisha, Director

In the Spotlight

Junior Fellows

  • Drake Braun

    Drake Braun on study abroad in Russia. In the fall I am going to be entering my junior year. I am a double major in Finance and Russian and Eastern European Studies. I attended Tallin University during the past J-term for a 3 week intensive Russian language program. Now, I'm currently studying at Moscow State Univeristy for 2 1/2 months over the summer. I plan on continuing my studies of Russian when I return at the start of the school year in September.  I plan on graduating in May 2016. After graduation, I would like to work in hockey scouting/management either in the NHL, or in Russia. I would like to use my knowledge in Russian and Finance to pursue my passion in hockey and hopefully make it a career in front office management.
  • Jonathan Edwards

    Portrait of Jon Edwards

    My name is Jonathan Edwards. I am double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and REEES, I will be graduating in December, 2016. Next summer I plan to study abroad again, preferably in Georgia or Armenia. Basically somewhere that will make my parents constantly worry. I plan to explore new cultures, countries, and start learning another challenging language. After I graduate from Miami, I plan to go into the Air Force and work in intelligence.

  • Jacob Hensh

    Jacob Hensh  
    My name is Jacob Hensh. I am currently a third year student here at Miami,
    and I am double-majoring in Russian and Political Science. I am the
    executive event planner on the Russian Club, and have been fortunate
    enough to be awarded a Junior Fellowship with the Havighurst Center. I am
    also a Pole Vaulter on the varsity Track and Field team and serve as an
    executive on the Redhawk Council. I plan to go to graduate school after I
    receive my undergraduate degree and possibly pursue a Ph.D.

  • Dennis Kontorovich

    Dennis Kontorovich.

    My name is Dennis Kontorovich and I am a Finance, Supply Chain and Operations Management, and Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European Studies triple major here at Miami University. I expect to graduate in the Spring of 2016 and hope to work in the international business world. I am especially interested in international supply chain and would love to work for a company with locations around the world. The picture is me in Estonia, where I went for the J Term. 

  • Heather Royster

    Heather Royster

    My name is Heather Royster and I'm a Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies major with a Japanese minor. I plan on graduating in spring of 2017. From there I will perform four years of active duty for the United States Air Force and then hopefully work for the C.I.A. Along with learning Russian and Japanese, I also speak French and hope to continue my French studies. 

  • Taylor Valley

    Taylor Valley

    I am a REEES and Political Science double major with a minor in Spanish. In the Fall of 2014 I will be studying abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia with the AIFS program. I will be learning about the Russian language along with the history and politics of Russia. I am looking forward to the opportunities that I will have abroad and also hope to gain competency of the Russian language. I am confident that my experiences abroad will help me figure out a more certain career path by the time I leave Miami. Although I will be graduating in 2016, I'm not quite sure what I would like to pursue after graduation. However, I am sure that I will be able to incorporate the Russian language into a future career.

  • Nick Vargo

    Nick Vargo

    I am a junior pursuing a double major in REEES and International Studies. Having finished all required language courses and study abroad (CIEE, St. Petersburg) by my sophomore year, I'll need to be creative in how I continue my Russian language studies. I am determined to be fluent in Russian; hopefully my level of proficiency will be enough to land me a job working for a government agency or international business.

  • Emily Walton

    Jr. Fellow Emily Walton

    My name is Emily Walton and I am a third year student double majoring in Political Science and Russian, East European, Eurasian Studies at Miami University. I studied abroad in July 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. I plan on studying abroad this J-Term at Tallinn University in intensive Russian language studies. I am involved in the MU Lithuanian Club. After I graduate in May 2016 I would like to further my education in either law or graduate school. A fun fact about me is that I am a quarter Lithuanian. This picture is from my study abroad trip in July '13 at a restaurant in Novgorod, RF next to a stuffed bear serving vodka.

  • Interested in becoming a Junior Fellow?

    Are you a Miami University student majoring in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies? Take a look at the requirements and application process to become a Havighurst Center Junior Fellow. 

    Havighurst Junior Fellowship 

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