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Maria Gaidar Maria Gaidar is a preeminent political activist in Russia who has challenged the Putin regime on its violations of electoral freedom. She is the daughter of the former Russian Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar, but unlike other 'first daughters' in Russia, she has not chosen to live abroad, but is living in Russia and fighting for a better future for her generation.
Maria Gaidar Ms. Gaidar has become well known for her political activism. She is the founder of the youth political organization Democratic Alternative (DA! - this also meansYes! in Russian) which fights against civil rights abuses, corruption, police brutality, mistreatment of draftees in the army, and intolerance and xenophobia.
Maria Gaidar
She has rappelled down the bridge facing the Kremlin hanging a banner demanding: "Give us back our free elections, you bastards!" She was a regular on talk shows until she joined the elite list of opposition leaders who are black-listed, and whose faces are not allowed to be shown on TV. The internet has become a main front in the opposition's struggle, and she has made several films against Putin that are available on YouTube. Please see below for a variety of pertinent links.
Maria Gaidar Maria organized the popular Political Debates, an alternative platform for open political debates designed to rekindle interest in politics among Russian youth, active internet users and journalists. These were put on in a bar in Moscow because of the impossibility of getting a permit for an opposition meeting. These debates lasted until the bar's electricity was shut off.
Maria Gaidar She has been arrested ten times, but still fights to improve life in Russia. In 2007, the last election period, she ran for the State Duma on the SPS ticket in Moscow region. She received more votes than any other SPS candidate in absolute and relative terms, and in a truly fair election she most likely would be serving in the Duma today.
Maria Gaidar Maria visited Miami's Oxford campus September 22-24 for several interviews and presentations. She attended various classes, including those focusing on Russian politics, internationalism, and economy. Her full presentation, open to the public, was Monday, September 22,at 5pm.
Maria Gaidar As an activist, she is a model for all young people - and old - in all countries, and particularly for those of you who are active in American political life in this electoral season.