About the ILRC

Windows Computer Lab of the ILRC Windows Computer Lab of the ILRC
Windows Computer Lab in the ILRC Windows Computer Lab in the ILRC
 The ILRC Lounge Area  The ILRC Lounge Area
 Students at work in the ILRC  Students at work in the ILRC
 Irvin Hall in the Fall  Irvin Hall in the Fall
Student in the Windows Lab Student in the Windows Lab
Student working on Japanese Project Student working on Japanese Project
The Interactive Language Resource Center warmly welcomes all Miami University students, faculty, and staff! Students enrolled in foreign language courses use the center to supplement and enhance their learning through computer software programs, virtual reality applications, and Internet-based solutions.

Although we specialize in serving students who are learning foreign languages, we have a variety of software and resources for all students allowing you to create papers, reports, and presentations, access the internet, and video conference with each other around the globe. University-wide licensed software is available on all of our workstations as well as access to a pay-for-print multifunction printer that can produce color and black and white copies.

Irvin Hall 60, our large workroom, contains 30 Windows computers, a standard whiteboard, a large format 11 by 17 scanner, and our pay for print release station. This room has an instructor station and two digital projectors with sound system. This room is useful for large classes and for general work assignments. Need a break between classes or need a comfy sofa to stretch out on?

We have a comfortable lounge area to take a break or do homework. We have several open desk areas that allow you to spread out your assignments so you can focus on what's important.

Irvin Hall 50, our smaller workroom, contains 20 Windows computers and an instructor station. An electronic whiteboard is available in this room as well as a digital projector and sound system. This room is most useful for upper level language courses, international videoconferencing, and cinema courses.

The Language Resource Center is completely digital and uses a web server to distribute instructor developed course materials and resources that can't fit onto Canvas. If your project needs an audio or video recording, we have editing equipment and software that you may use to compile your raw data into a professional presentation.

We also provide year-round language placement testing so you can find what level of language course is a best fit for your current proficiency and knowledge. For students needing proficiency certification through the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the ILRC is a designated proctor site for Oral Proficiency Interviews and Written Proficiency Testing.

We are open Monday through Friday during the academic year and by appointment during Summer and Winter terms. Come on over and visit us!