State and County Reports

Image of a county reportOhio is aging as a state, but each county has its own story to tell.

Explore Ohio population data and population projections at the state and county level. Delve into socio-economic characteristics like income level, marital status, education and more to discover how your community is likely to change over the coming decades.

Download state report
Characteristics and Projections of Ohio's 65+ Population (.pdf)

Download individual county reports 

Download or print a report (.pdf) for your Ohio county of choice. These reports are filled with graphs and charts to help you visualize the characteristics and population projections of the 65+ population in your selected county.

Ohio population by age group cover

Projections of Ohio's older adult population

Download a visualization of how Ohio’s older population is changing over the next 30 years. The table shows the number and percentage of older adults in each age group: 60+, 65+, and 85+. The chart shows how the proportion of older adults in the population changes over time.