A review of nursing home resident characteristics in Ohio: Tracking changes from 1994-2004

March 5, 2005


  • Shahla Mehdizadeh
  • Robert A. Applebaum
This briefing paper presents the profile of Ohio nursing home residents in both 2004 and 1994, and describes trends over the past decade. This work also examines the complex question of whether there are nursing home residents who could be served in alternative settings.

This report was funded in part by the Ohio Long-Term Care Project through the Ohio Board of Regents and in part from a grant from the Ohio Health Care Association, the Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes and the Association of Ohio Philanthropic Homes for the Aged.

Full Report (PDF 644KB)

Research Brief (PDF 115KB)


  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Long-Term Care Policy and Financing