Association of neuropsychiatric syndromes with global clinical deterioration in Alzheimer’s disease patients

December 17, 2015


  • Kate de Medeiros

Data on the relationship between behavioral disturbances in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and global clinical deterioration is still controversial. The purpose of this study was to explore potential correlations of neuropsychiatric syndromes with global clinical deterioration in patients with AD, with particular consideration on severity levels of dementia. To analyze the association of neuropsychiatric syndromes with the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS), considering the total sample and patients grouped by dementia severity levels, we applied the coefficient of multiple correlation (Ryy), adjusted multiple linear regression, and the coefficient of determination (R2yx). Agitation, apathy, and affective disorders were the syndromes most strongly correlated with global deterioration in AD patients, becoming more evident at severe stages of dementia.

International Psychogeriatrics, 28(5), 779-786. doi:10/1017/S1041610215002069

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  • Chronic Illness/ Disability
  • Mental Health