Changing Minds: An Introduction to Person-Centered Care

Video-based training Changing minds An Introduction to Person-Centered Care Video-based training Changing minds An Introduction to Person-Centered Care

Watch the video. Stream or downloadThis video is a resource for those wanting to learn more about person-centered care principles or for those wishing to teach others about aspects of person-centered care. In 2013, researchers from Scripps focused on direct care workers and best practices of high performing long-term care organizations in Ohio. (Common Sense for Caring Organizations: Results from a Study of High-Performing Home Care Agencies and Nursing Homes; Straker, J.K., Boehle, S. G., Nelson, I. M., and Fox, E. M.; January 2013; URI: http://hdl.handle. net/2374.MIA/4953). An interesting finding emerged from this research: almost all of the high performing organizations, coincidentally or not, provided person-centered care. Person-centered care seems to benefit care recipients, employees, and organizations overall.

One of the main markers of person-centered care is the knowledge and understanding a worker has for the elder in his or her care. In an industry that has often been focused upon quick and efficient completion of tasks, it may seem unusual for workers to take time for unrushed conversation with an elder. This time of focused conversation is actually an important foundation of person-centered care.

Especially for those who have spent time learning and working in the traditional model of care, person-centered care requires a “re-framing” or a different way of looking at situations. This video was made as a tool to better understand some basic ideas about person-centered care.

Who is this video for?

Our video is for a variety of audiences. Potential viewers include:

Direct care workers in training

All staff in organizations beginning to adopt person-centered practices

New employees in person-centered organizations

Families of consumers served by person-centered organizations

Board members of person-centered organizations

All staff in person-centered organizations needing a “refresher” on PCC philosophy and practice

How to use this video

The video can be viewed in its entirety, or viewed in three separate segments to stimulate discussion and presentation of other materials and information. Groups or individuals can answer the questions posed in the training guide.