Discussion Questions

Video-based training Changing minds An Introduction to Person-Centered Care Video-based training Changing minds An Introduction to Person-Centered Care

The video can be viewed in its entirety, or viewed in three separate segments to stimulate discussion and presentation of other materials and information. Groups or individuals can answer the questions posed below.

What is person-centered care?

What do you consider to be the essence of person centered care? Why?

What obstacles or constraints exist that make giving person-centered care difficult?

How would you recommend tackling those obstacles or constraints?

What choices have you made today that you would not have gotten to make in a traditional long-term care setting?

Why do PCC?

What are the rewards of providing person-centered care for residents/consumers? For staff? For the entire organization?

How does person-centered care impact the daily work of staff?

How can leaders/managers provide person-centered care?

Where do we begin PCC?

What has happened recently in our organization that is reflective of person-centered care?

Are there ways to build upon this? What ideas do you have?

What problems occur that might be handled differently if you became really creative in seeking a person-centered care solution?

If you had to receive long-term care from your organization, what would be the most important aspects of the care you received?

How do you think you would measure the quality of your life?

Are there things you would like to see changed? How? Why?