Christopher A. Myers


Professor; Director, Project Dragonfly

134 Peabody Hall
Dragonfly Website

Biographical Information

Chris Myers is an ecologist with research interests in community-based conservation, global understanding, and inquiry-driven approaches to ecological and social change. He is the founding Director of Project Dragonfly, which was created by faculty and students at Miami University and now reaches millions of people each year through global course and degree programs, public exhibits, and learning media. Project Dragonfly partnered with TPT public television to launch the Emmy-winning national PBS children’s science series DragonflyTV, which led to the spin-off series SciGirls.

Current work includes “Saving Species,” an NSF-funded project to increase public engagement in science and conservation. We are working with zoos and aquariums to develop and install socially-networked Saving Species Stations that enable families nationwide to conduct research and to take conservation action.

Project Dragonfly oversees two graduate programs designed for educators and other working professionals: the Advanced Inquiry Program in major U.S. cities, and the Global Field Program with conservation and community partners in Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Americas.

Courses Taught

  • Conservation Biology (BIO 467/567)
  • Conservation Education & Community Engagement (BIO 451/551)
  • Kenya: Wildlife & People in Integrated Landscapes
  • India: Species, Deities & Communities
  • Thailand: Buddhism & Conservation
  • Trinidad: Environmental Education

Example Publications & Presentations

  • Myers, C.A. and Myers L.B. 2018.  Transformative research with communities: new models for collaborative science. University of London, Royal Holloway, England (10/17/18)
  • Myers, C. A. 2016. Cultural coding: Is your zoo welcoming diversity? Panel, Annual Conference of the Association for Zoos & Aquariums. San Diego (9/11/16)
  • Myers, C. A., Korach, J., and Keith, R. 2013. Na Kia’I Kumokuhali’I (Forest Guardian Summit).  Organized in partnership with ‘Imi Pono no ka ‘Aina and Three Mountain Alliance.  July 2013. Volcano National Parks, Hawai’i.
  • Myers, C. A. 2012. Participation in sustainability science: National and global networks. NSF/CAISE meeting on Sustainability Science. 2/5-2/7. Arlington, Virginia.
  • Myers, C.A., Searles, V., Stannos, R., Marsh, D., Korhnak, C., Remine, K. 2011. (Panel lead) Zoos and Aquariums & Higher Education: Uniting for Conservation Education. AZA National Conference. September 12-17, 2011. Atlanta.
  • Yocco, V.S., Danter, E., Heimlich, J.E. Dunkel, B., & Myers, C. A. (2011). Exploring use of new media in environmental education contexts: Introducing Visitors' Technology Use in Zoos Model. Environmental Education Research 17(6), p801-814, Rutledge.
  • Myers, C.A., Myers, L.B., and Hudson, R. 2009. Science is not a Spectator Sport. In Exemplary Science: Inquiry. NSTA Press. Arlington, Virginia.