Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan

Assistant Teaching Professor

376 Pearson Hall
Project Dragonfly

Biographical Information

Amy Sullivan is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Miami University with Project Dragonfly and the Department of Biology. She received her PhD in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her PhD research focused the effects of voles (small herbivorous rodents), on tallgrass prairie restorations and remnants in the Chicago area. She remains very interested in plant-animal interactions, community ecology, restoration, and small mammal behavior and ecology. She also collaborates with various university and community partners to create conversation about climate change in Oxford, Ohio through art.

Courses Taught

  • BIO 121 Environmental Biology
  • BIO 209 Fundamentals of Ecology
  • BIO 620 Science Literature with Denver Zoological Foundation
  • BIO 620 Science Literature with Wildlife Conservation Society
  • BIO 622 Urban Ecology
  • BIO 627 Global Biomes
  • BIO 631 Conservation Science and Community
  • BIO 632 Biology in the Age of Technology
  • BIO 633 Issues in Biodiversity
  • BIO 634 Issues in Evolution
  • BIO 636 Science Leadership Media Workshop
  • BIO 644 Baja: Field Methods
  • BIO 654 Foundations of Inquiry
  • BIO 656 Environmental Stewardship
  • BIO 657 Regional Ecology: Rocky Mountains
  • BIO 658 Ecophysiology
  • BIO 675 Inquiry & Action

Selected Publications

  • Sullivan, A.T., K. Feilen, and S. Khan. 2019. Using art to engage with communities on climate change. Presented at the US-IALE meeting in Fort Collins, CO.

  • Sullivan, S.M., A.T. Sullivan, and J.S. Brown. 2016. Citizen scientists: fundamental partners in squirrel monitoring. In C.M. Shuttleworth, P.W.W. Lurz, and J. Gurnell (Eds.), The Grey Squirrel: Ecology and Management of an Invasive Species in Europe (pages 329-348). European Squirrel Initiative.

  • Sullivan, S.M. and A.T. Sullivan. 2015. Squirrel demography as an indicator of local ecology. Presented at the 7th International Colloquium on Arboreal Squirrels, Helsinki, Finland.

  • Ale, S.B., J.S. Brown, and A.T. Sullivan. 2013. Evolution of cooperation: Combining kin selection and reciprocal altruism into matrix games with social dilemmas. PLoS ONE 8(5): e63761. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0063761

  • Sullivan, A.T. 2013. Stem diameter and toughness affect vole (Microtus spp.) foraging patterns in tallgrass vegetation. Presented at the 93rd annual meeting of the American Society of Mammologists, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Sullivan, A.T. and H.F. Howe. 2011. Response of two prairie forbs to repeated vole herbivory. Oecologia 165:1007-1015.

  • Sullivan, A.T. and H.F. Howe. 2009. Prairie forb response to timing of vole herbivory. Ecology 90:1346-1355.

  • Howe, H.F., Zorn-Arnold, B., Sullivan, A.T., and J.S. Brown. 2006. Massive and distinctive effects of meadow voles on grassland vegetation. Ecology 87: 3007-3013.