Graduate Studies

The Department offers a wide range of graduate degrees. Thesis and dissertation based Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees are offered in Biology and Botany. Botany also offers the Master of Arts (MA) degree.

Students in the Department may also pursue the MS or PhD in the interdepartmental Cell, Molecular, and Structural Biology (CMSB) program or the PhD in the interdepartmental Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (EEEB) program.

Working professionals such as teachers and nonprofit staff seeking an off-campus program that can be completed part-time while working may apply to the Advanced Inquiry Program or the Global Field Program for either an MA or MAT degree.

Combined Bachelors-Masters programs in Botany (MA and MS), Biology (MS), and CMSB (MS) are available for qualified undergraduate students.

The Department of Biology also offers Graduate Certificate in Ecology and Conservation Biology.

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