Graduate Admission

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Questions about applying to our program? Contact us at, or fill out the Graduate School's Request For Information form. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Current Miami undergraduates interested in our combined bachelor's/master's program should consult its page for more information and application instructions.


A bachelor's degree in chemistry or biochemistry from an accredited college or university. Typical coursework includes:

  • Two semesters of General chemistry plus lab.
  • Two semesters of Organic chemistry plus lab.
  • Two semesters of Physical chemistry plus lab.
  • Two of the three following: Inorganic, Biochemistry, and Analytical.
  • While a student need not have taken a curriculum accredited by the American Chemical Society, the training in chemistry, physics, and mathematics should be similar to an accredited curriculum.

Students with a bachelor's degree in a related discipline (e.g., pharmacy, chemical engineering) will be considered so long as they have completed comparable coursework.

The General Graduate Record Exam is optional.


  • Applications for fall admission must be submitted by January 20. All letters of recommendation must be received by February 1.
  • Applications for spring admission must be submitted by October 20. All letters of recommendation must be received by November 1.

Application Procedure

Apply online to the Miami University Graduate school, with:

    • an application fee of $50
    • the names and contact information for at least two people (three recommended) who will write letters of recommendation on your behalf
    • copies of your transcripts
    • a short personal statement and resumé
    • English language proficiency test scores for international students from non-English-speaking countries (see the English Language Proficency policy for details)

Unofficial transcripts and test scores can be submitted at the time of application. If admitted, you would be required to provide official copies before starting the program.

Visiting the Department

Accepted students located in the U.S. will be invited to visit the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry along with their offers of admission. This is an ideal opportunity to meet multiple faculty members and the current graduate students in our program. As part of the visit, students will see our research and teaching laboratories, state-of-the-art instrumentation for research, and beautiful campus. The costs of the visit—including travel, hotel accommodations, and meals—are paid by our department.

Prospective students who would like to learn more about the department before applying are welcome to e-mail us if they would like to stop by Hughes and see what we have to offer. We are always happy to show off our facilities and set up meetings with faculty and students.


In addition to our own graduate programs, the department participates in the interdepartmental Cellular, Molecular, and Structural Biology (CMSB) program, which provides a range of biological science areas and offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.