Academic Advising

What is academic advising?

It is a process that helps you plan your courses and activities, and to achieve your academic goals. Departmental academic advisors are full-time faculty members who are familiar with our degree programs and curricula, and who will help you plan and schedule your courses to meet degree requirements. Each individual student is assigned a departmental faculty advisor.

Who is my academic advisor?

To find out who your academic advisor is (and their contact information):

  1. Log in to myMiami.
  2. Click the "Student" tab located near the top of the screen.
  3. Your advisor will be listed in the top-right corner.

Departmental Advisors

Chemistry and biochemistry majors will typically be assigned an advisor at the end of their freshman year. If you have not yet been assigned an advisor, please refer to the following table.

If you have questions regarding... Advisor to see
Transfer credits, change of major, DARS and degree requirement issues, registration issues, and other general advising questions

Chief Departmental Advisor

Heeyoung Tai
239 Hughes, 529-8649

First year in our major
(Chemistry or Biochemistry)

First Year Advisor

S. Mark Cybulski
433 Hughes, 529-4137

Biochemistry major: major requirements, course planning and scheduling, other general academic concerns

Biochemistry advisors

Ann E. Hagerman
238 Hughes, 529-2827

Meredith Erb
260C Hughes, 529-2815

Yasmin Jessa
440 Hughes, 529‐7226

Chemistry major: major requirements, course planning and scheduling, other general academic concerns

Chemistry advisor

Benjamin W. Gung
260B Hughes, 529-2825

Bachelor's–Master's combined program: admission and degree requirements

Combined program advisor

Ann E. Hagerman
238 Hughes, 529-2827

Miami Plan, College of Arts and Science (CAS) requirements, general graduation requirement questions

CAS advisors

CAS Academic Advising office
146 Upham

Pre-med co-major, other health professional school preparation

Advisor, Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education

Robert Balfour
292 Pearson Hall, 529-3149

Departmental pre-med advisors

Heeyoung Tai
239 Hughes, 529-8649

Janet Marshall
217 Levey Hall (Middletown), 727-3398

Coursework and degree requirements at Miami University Hamilton, information on transferring to the Oxford campus

Hamilton academic advisor

Richard Bretz
546 Mosler (Hamilton), 785-3245
367 Hughes (Oxford), 529-2349