Publications, 2022

Interpenetrated triple network polymers: synergies of three different dynamic bonds
Wanasinghe, Shiwanka V.; De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Polymer Chemistry 2022, 13, 3705–3712

Creep Mechanics of Epoxy Vitrimer Materials
Hubbard, Amber M.; Ren, Yixin; Picu, Catalin R.; Sarvestani, Alireza; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Roy, Ajit K.; Varshney, Vikas; Nepal, Dhriti
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2022, 4, 4254–4263

Investigating Structural Dynamics of KCNE3 in Different Membrane Environments Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Asare, Isaac K.; Galende, Alberto Perez; Garcia, Andres Bastidas; Cruz, Mateo Fernandez; Moura, Anna Clara Miranda; Campbell, Conner C.; Scheyer, Matthew; Alao, John Paul; Alston, Steve; Kravats, Andrea N.; Sanders, Charles R.; Lorigan, Gary A.; Sahu, Indra D.
Membranes 2022, 12, 469

Modeling Approach to Capture Hyperelasticity and Temporary Bonds in Soft Polymer Networks
Bennett, Camaryn; Hayes, Peter J.; Thrasher, Carl J.; Chakma, Progyateg; Wanasinghe, Shiwanka V.; Zhang, Borui; Petit, Leilah M.; Varshney, Vikas; Nepal, Dhriti; Sarvestani, Alireza; Picu, Catalin R.; Sparks, Jessica L.; Zanjani, Mehdi B.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Macromolecules 2022, 55, 3573–3587

Aromatic foldamers as molecular springs in network polymers
Miller, K. Andrew; Dodo, Obed J.; Devkota, Govinda Prasad; Kirinda, Viraj C.; Bradford, Kate G. E.; Sparks, Jessica L.; Hartley, C. Scott; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Chemical Communications 2022, 58, 5590–5593

Discovery of an Effective Small-Molecule Allosteric Inhibitor of New Delhi Metallo-β-lactamase (NDM)
Thomas, Pei W.; Cho, Eun Jeong; Bethel, Christopher R.; Smisek, Thomas; Ahn, Yeong-Chan; Schroeder, John M.; Thomas, Caitlyn A.; Dalby, Kevin N.; Beckham, Josh T.; Crowder, Michael W.; Bonomo, Robert A.; Fast, Walter
ACS Infectious Diseases 2022, 8, 811–824

Different Conformations Revealed by NMR Underlie Resistance to Ceftazidime/Avibactam and Susceptibility to Meropenem and Imipenem among D179Y Variants of KPC β-Lactamase
Taracila, Magdalena A.; Bethel, Christopher R.; Hujer, Andrea M.; Papp-Wallace, Krisztina M.; Barnes, Melissa D.; Rutter, Joseph D.; VanPelt, Jamie; Shurina, Ben A.; van den Akker, Focco; Clancy, Cornelius J.; Nguyen, M. Hong; Cheng, Shaoji; Shields, Ryan K.; Page, Richard C.; Bonomo, Robert A.
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2022, 66, e02124-21

Exploring Adaptations of the VisChem Approach: Advancements and Anchors toward Particle-Level Explanations
Wu, Meng-Yang Matthew; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Journal of Chemical Education 2022, 99, 1313–1325

Tuning Dual-Dynamic Network Materials through Polymer Architectural Features
De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Dunn, Derrick; Dolan, Madison; Sparks, Jessica L.; Ye, Zhijiang; Zanjani, Mehdi B.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2022, 4, 1475–1486

Pedagogical chemistry sensemaking: a novel conceptual framework to facilitate pedagogical sensemaking in model-based lesson planning
Wu, Meng-Yang M.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2022, 23, 287–299

How to control the acidity of 1,2,3-triazolium ions: A density functional theory study
Wilson, Nikolas D.; Wang, Zongyao; Gung, Benjamin W.
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 2022, 112, 108133

Guest-Driven Control of Folding in a Crown-Ether-Functionalized ortho-Phenylene
Peddi, Sumalatha; Bookout, Molly C.; Vemuri, Gopi Nath; Hartley, C. Scott
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2022, 87, 3686–3690

A general model for the ideal chain length distributions of polymers made with reversible deactivation
Kearns, Madison M.; Morley, Colleen N.; Parkatzidis, Kostas; Whitfield, Richard; Sponza, Alvaro D.; Chakma, Progyateg; De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Chiu, Melanie; Anastasaki, Athina; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Polymer Chemistry 2022, 13, 898–913

Investigating Meaningful Learning in Virtual Reality Organic Chemistry Laboratories
Williams, Nicholas D.; Gallardo-Williams, Maria T.; Griffith, Emily H.; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Journal of Chemical Education 2022, 99, 1100–1105

Complementary Dynamic Chemistries for Multifunctional Polymeric Materials
Zhang, Borui; De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Wanasinghe, Shiwanka V.; Averick, Saadyah; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Advanced Functional Materials 2022, 32, 2108431

Introduction of a new scheme for classifying β‐turns in protein structures
Zhang, Ruojing; Stahr, Michael C.; Kennedy, Michael A.
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 2022, 90, 110–122