Experiential Learning Grants

A former student of the department in the mountains of Turkey

Are you a religion major? Do you need funds to help you

  • purchase supplies for a special research project?
  • travel to a conference?
  • study away?
  • pursue some other experiential learning or professional development opportunity related to the study of religion?

Apply to the Department of Comparative Religion for an experiential learning grant. Each year our department has a certain amount of discretionary funding available--the amount varies from year to year--which we can use to support special learning opportunities for our students.

The department's first priority is to provide experiential learning grants to religion majors. Applications from religion minors will be considered under special circumstances.


When to apply

You can apply for funding at any time during the school year; we will award grants as long as funds remain available. The earlier you submit your application before you need the funds, the better.

How to apply

Write a description (about 300-400 words) of the experiential learning or professional development opportunity for which you would like funding. Include the following information:

  • What is the opportunity (activity, project, etc.)? What, when, where, who?
  • How will this opportunity advance your study of religion?
  • How does this opportunity help prepare you for your future career goals?
  • What amount of funding do you estimate you need?
  • From what other sources are you seeking funding?

Email your description to department chair James C. Hanges, hangesjc@MiamiOH.edu. Use the subject line "Experiential learning grant."