Current Comp/Rhet Grad Students

MA Students

photo of Kate AltanyKate Altany

BA, Ohio University

Research interests: bridging creative writing and rhet/comp pedagogy, first-year writing, writing identity through creative nonfiction, reader-writer relationship, writing program administration

Photo of abbi-aswegan-amediAbbi Aswegan-Amedi

BA, Auburn University

Research interests: digital literacy, digital communities, social media, pop culture, and composition theory

boddy.jpgEmma Boddy

BA, Miami University

Research Interests: transfer and creative repurposing, teaching and composition pedagogy, and interdisciplinary writing

Wren Burks

BA, Professional Writing, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

christie.jpgMorgan Christie

BA, BS, State University of New York at Cortland

Research Interests: transfer and creative repurposing, teaching and composition pedagogy, and interdisciplinary writing

photo of Claire MetzgerClaire Metzger

BA, English, Wittenberg University
BFA, Creative Writing, Full Sail University

PhD Students

Manea Alharbi

MA, Murray State University
BA, Murray State University

Research Interests: second language writing, composition pedagogy, writing centers

Shatha Alhubail

MA, University of Dayton
BA, University of Damman

Lydia Allison

MA, Bradley University
BA, Bradley University

Research Interests: composition theory, composition pedagogy, and public rhetorics

Destiny Brugman

MA, Western Washington University
BA, Montana State University

Research Interests: digital communities, writing centers, new materialism, online writing instruction, hospitality and compassion pedagogical practices, feminist rhetoric

Photo of Cameron CavaliereCameron Cavaliere

BS, Slippery Rock University
MA, Auburn University

Research interests: digital rhetoric, writing centers, feminist rhetoric, community writing, publics and counterpublics

Will Chesher

MA, Ball State University
BA, John Brown University

Research Interests: graduate student writers, research methods and methodologies, writing pedagogy, administration

Laura Edwards

MA, University of Dayton
BA, Cedarville University

Research Interests: writing center, digital rhetoric, feminist theory, and pop culture

Salma Kalim

MA & M.phil, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
BA, The University of Punjab, Pakistan

Research Interests: social media, digital rhetorics, critical discourse analysis, nationalism

Alan Knowles

MA, Wright State University
BA, Wright State University 

Linford Lamptey

MA, Michigan Tech University
BA, University of Ghana

Kyle Larson

MA, Miami University
BA, New College of University of Florida

Research Interests: (counter)public writing and rhetorics, social activism, critical pedagogy, writing centers



Brian Leingang

MA, Wright State University
BA, Miami University

Research Interests: composition pedagogy, developmental writing, assessment, placement, rural literacies, community colleges, and bridging the gap between high school and college

Yan Li

MA, Zhejiang University
BA, Hebei University

Research Interests: writing center pedagogy, second language writing, composition theories, comparative rhetoric

Su Liu

MA, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

Research Interests: writing pedagogy

Heather Listhartke

MA, Middle Tennessee State University
BA, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Research Interests: digital rhetoric and composition, public rhetorics, new media theory, WAC/WID, and digital humanities

Anita Long

BA/MA Miami University 

Research interests: FYC pedagogies, feminist research methodologies, and teaching research

Christopher Maggio

MA, Miami University
BA, Capital University

Research Interests: learning transfer, composition pedagogy, professional writing

Photo of Mckenzi MondayMckenzi Monday

BA, English, MA, Public Administration, Xavier University
MA, English, University of Dayton

Research interests: composition theories, transfer, transactional theory, reading in the writing classroom, speculative literature

Rena Perez

BS, MA, University of Central Florida

Research Interests: composition theory and pedagogy, writing assessment, language and literacy studies, writing program administration

Brad Reitz

MA, English Texas State University, 1993
BA, English, University of Texas, 1990

Research Interests: business writing, intercultural communication and pedagogy

Adrian Rivera

MA, University of Puerto Rico
BA, Indiana U-Purdue U

photo of Joshua ScheidlerJoshua Scheidler

BA, Writing for Diverse Contexts, Olivet College
MA, English, Western Michigan University

Eric Cody Smothers

MA, Eastern Kentucky University
BA, Asbury University

Research Interests: multi-media texts, visual rhetoric, creative mediums/writing, technology/humanity studies, science fiction/horror literature, and film as a form of composition/art studies.

Ryan Vingum

MA, Miami University
BA, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Research Interests: writing centers, online writing instruction, social media