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Boats docked at a village in Sicily Boats docked at a village in Sicily
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This page is intended as a guide to help you explore study abroad resources in Classics. Naturally, you are the best judge of your own interests and needs, but we urge you to discuss the options with your academic advisor or with Dr. Steven Tuck, who can help to guide you through the myriad of choices available.

Greek in Greece (Sponsored by Ohio University)

Greek in Greece offers students who have had one or more years study of ancient Greek the opportunity to complete a full year of ancient Greek at either the intermediate or advanced level. The program's pedagogical model emphasizes immersive group work and sight reading that enables students to progress faster in the ancient language than is possible during the regular semester. Each student will take a full year of ancient Greek, two three-credit courses, at either the intermediate or advanced level.

The intensive work on ancient Greek is complemented by an introduction to modern Greek, offered by the Classics faculty of the University of Patras. This course has been designed especially for ancient Greek students, stressing linguistic continuities and important contemporary cultural themes. University of Patras students will assist as language-buddies for the program students and also provide them coeval entrée to life in Patras.

Patras is a transportation hub: On weekends the directors will take students to important archaeological and cultural sites and museums such as Olympia, Delphi, Mycenae, and Epidauros.

Non-Ohio residents will pay in-state Ohio tuition.

We believe that Greek in Greece will provide an incentive for ancient Greek students to stick with it. Greek in Greece will help these students be rewarded for their hard work.

You can also check out the website, which includes information on the program, the curriculum, the accommodations, and the costs— and a slideshow featuring the comments of Greek in Greece alums.

Department of Classics Resources

When you are starting to consider studying abroad, look first at the materials in the department on the study abroad bulletin board in the hallway as well as the study abroad binder kept in the Classics office, Irvin Hall 105. Also, ask your professors which programs they recommend or have personal experience with; they probably know of some you haven't considered. Also check out the following places in the department:

  • Study Abroad Bulletin Board
  • Study Abroad Binder
  • Academic Advisors

Miami University Resources

Frank and Natalie Clark Memorial Fund Study Abroad Scholarship Application

The Department of Classics is offering two $500 scholarships for Classics students to study abroad on Classics programs. Classics students are defined as matriculated students with a major or minor in the Classics Department. Classics programs need not be Miami-­‐run, but most have all or the majority of the material in them covering the Classical world. The scholarship is open to students in short term, summer, semester, and year long programs. This is a merit-­‐based scholarship, not need-­‐based. Scholarships will be granted by a committee of the Classics department faculty based solely on applications received including academic record and student statement on expected benefits of the program.

Application Deadlines: October 20, 2014 for Winter or Spring Term. March 1 for Summer or Fall Term.

Access the Online Application

Note: Students are strongly encouraged to apply for additional funding to support study abroad.

For other scholarships, grants, and loans, see:

These Miami University offices are well-organized and very helpful at study abroad, particularly if your interest include Miami programs. These are the most knowledgeable people on campus concerning our programs and mundane details involved in getting you to Luxembourg or wherever you wish to study. They will also guide you through the administrative details of getting course approval for non-Miami study abroad programs.

Financial Aid For Study Abroad

Federal financial aid can be used on many study abroad programs. If you are considering a non-Miami program, ask a Financial Aid advisor about which portions of your aid package can be used on a program abroad. As the program provider about scholarships as well.


Online Application and Brochure

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