Miami University is a public, undergraduate-centered, liberal arts institution. Our Department of Geography reflects a discipline that trains students to ask questions and address problems about the world’s peoples, cultures, daily lives, and environments.

We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees that not only foster integrative knowledge and critical thinking skills, but their application to real-world problems. While our primary focus is on undergraduate education, we offer a high-quality graduate experience for students interested in close collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Graduates of our programs have demonstrated success in securing employment and entrance into competitive graduate programs.

Geographers and Planners Explore

  • diverse and uneven patterns of development
  • how ecosystems and livelihoods respond to global change
  • the changing meaning of citizenship in a diverse, mobile and global society
  • observe, analyze, and visualize a changing world
  • policy options for mitigating or adapting to environmental change
  • planning for more sustainable cities

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