Jason Rech

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Ph.D. 2001 University of Arizona
111 Shideler Hall

My research interests are primarily in paleoclimate studies and surficial processes in arid environments and using the modern analog to interpret the fossil record.  I employ several methods to address research questions in these areas, including mapping, 14C dating, and stable isotopic techniques (13C, 18O, 34S, 87Sr/86Sr).  I am currently working in northern Chile, Jordan and North America.

Possible Thesis/Dissertation Topics

  • Soils and geomorphology of the Atacama Desert, Chile
  • Climate change and water resources in Jordan
  • Oxygen isotopes of land snails as a paleoclimatic proxy in North America

Current/Recent Student Research Projects

  • Stephanie Bosch, (MS Candidate) Oxygen isotope values of small terrestrial gastropod shells: a proxy for paleoclimatic change in the San Pedro Valley, southeastern Arizona
  • Terry Workman (PhD candidate) Human occupation and landscape evolution of the Atacama Desert, northern Chile.
  • Nasser AlQattan (M.S. 2014) Interpretation of oxygen isotopic values (d18O) of North American Land Snails.
  • Gentry Catlett (M.S. 2014) Fluvial deposits in Mudawwara, Jordan and their implication for Mediterranean and Monsoonal precipitation in the Levant.
  • Sophie Lehmann (M.S. 2013) Climate and tectonic implications of a mid-Miocene landscape: examination of the Tarapaca pediplain, northern Atacama Desert, Chile.

Selected Publications

Rech, Jason A., Currie, B.S., Jordan, Teresa E., Riquelme, Rodrigo, Lehmann, Sophie B., Kirk-Lawlor, Naomi E., Li, Shanying, Gooley, Jared T., 2019, Massive Middle Miocene gypsic paleosols in the Atacama Desert and the formation of the Central Andean rain-shadow, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 506: 184-194.

Rech, Jason A, Grudzinski, Bartosz , Renwick, William H., Tenison, Christina N., Jojola, Marvin Vanni, Michael J., Workman, T., Race, 2018, Legacy deposits, milldams, water quality, and environmental change in the Four Mile Creek watershed, southwestern Ohio, in Florea, L.J., ed., Ancient Oceans, Orogenic Uplifts, and Glacial Ice: Geologic Crossroads in America's Heartland Geological Society of America Field Guide 51, p. 113-144.

Yanes, Yurena, Al-Qattan, Nasser, Rech, Jason A., Pigati, Jeffrey S., Dodd, Justin P., Nekola, Jeffrey C., 2018, Overview of the oxygen isotope systematics of land snails from North America, Quaternary Research, 1-16.

Yanes, Yurena, Nekola, Jeffrey C., Rech, Jason A., Pigati, Jeffrey S., 2017, Oxygen stable isotopic disparities among sympatric small land snail species from northwest Minnesota, USA, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 485: 715–722

Rech, Jason, Springer, Kathleen, Pigati, Jeffrey S., 2017, The Great Acceleration and the disappearing surficial geologic record, GSA Today 22 (11) 8-9.

Catlett, Gentry A., Rech, Jason A., Pigati, Jeffrey S., Al Kuisi, Mustafa, Li, Shanying, Honke, Jeffrey S., 2017, Activation of a small ephemeral lake in southern Jordan during the last full glacial period and its paleoclimatic implications, Quaternary Research 88: 98-109.

Steffen Mischke, Hanan Ginat, Gala Faerstein, Naomi Porat, Paul Braun, Jason A. Rech, 2017, Fossil-based reconstructions of ancient water bodies in the Levantine deserts, in Quaternary Environments, Climate Change and Humans in the Levant, edited by Y. Enzel and O. Bar-Yosef, p. 381-390, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Jason A. Rech, Hanan Ginat, Gentry A. Catlett, Steffen Mischke, Emily Winer Tully, Jeffrey S. Pigati, 2017, Pliocene-Pleistocene water-bodies and associated deposits in southern Jordan and Israel, in Quaternary Environments, Climate Change and Humans in the Levant, edited by Y. Enzel and O. Bar-Yosef, 127-134, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Lybrand, Rebecca, Bockheim, James, Ge, Wenshen, Graham, Robert, Hlohowskyj, Stephen, Michalski, Greg, Prellwitz, Joel, Rech, Jason A., Wang, Fan, Parker, David R., 2016, Nitrate, perchlorate, and iodate co-occur in coastal and inland deserts on Earth, Chemical Geology 442: 174-186.

Stutz, Aaron J., Shea, John J., Rech, Jason A., Pigati, Jeffrey S., Wilson, Jim, Belmaker, Miriam, Albert, Rosa A., Arpin, Trina, Cabanes, Dan, Clark, Jamie L., Hartman, Gideon, Hourani, Fuad, White, Chantel E., Stutz, Liv N., 2015, New Evidence on Origins of the Early Upper Paleolithic in the 45 – 40 ka Timeframe: Radiocarbon Results from the Mughr el-Hamamah Site, Jordan, Journal of Human Evolution 85:157-173.

Selected Grants

Reconstructing landscapes, climate, and human ecology during the late Pleistocene in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, CONICYT (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica), Chile, 2016-2019, PIs José Capriles Flores, Calogero Santoro, Claudio Latorre, Jason Rech, Nicholas Tripcevich,

Collaborative Proposal: Development and calibration of the oxygen isotope systematics of small terrestrial gastropods, 2015-2018 PIs Jason A. Rech, Jeffrey S. Pigati, Yurena Yanes, and Jeffrey C. Nekola NSF EAR  1528733

The Legacy of Mills in and around Oxford Township, Ohio, Smith Foundation Grant, 2015, Terry Workman, Jason A. Rech

Climate Change and Water Resources in southern Jordan, National Geographic Society NG 9153-12, 2012, PI Jason A. Rech, Jeffrey S. Pigati, Mustafa Al Kuisi, and Jonathan Levy.

Teaching Interests

GLG 111 - The Dynamic Earth
GLG 335 - Ice Age Earth
GLG 354 - Geomorphology
GLG 435/535 - Soils and Paleosols
GLG 436/536 - Paleoclimatology
GLG 499/599 - Geology of Streams (10-day short course in canoes)
Graduate seminars in soils and geomorphology

For a complete description of the courses please see the 2019/2020 Miami Bulletin.