Graduate Studies

Miami's Department of Geology and Environmental Earth Science offers three programs for advanced study (Ph.D., M.S., and M.A.). Both the Ph.D. and the M.S. degrees require a substantial component of original research culminating in a dissertation or thesis, respectively. The M.A. is a non-thesis degree.

Research Emphases

  • Geomicrobiology and life in extreme environments
  • Geophysics, seismology and mantle dynamics
  • Hydrogeology and contaminant transport
  • Igneous petrology and volcanology
  • Isotope Geochemistry
  • Low-temperature and environmental geochemistry
  • Mineralogy and crystallography
  • Mineral surface geochemistry
  • Paleobiology and paleoecology
  • Paleoclimatology and geomorphology
  • Sedimentology and stratigraphy
  • Tectonics and structural geology
  • Planetary geology


Request for Information

For more information, contact:

Samantha Oyler