Graduate Research Forum

The Graduate Research Forum is an opportunity for Miami University graduate students to share their scholarship with the university community. Students present their scholarship in oral sessions and in poster sessions, and are evaluated by faculty and alumni judges. Awards are given to the top oral and top poster presentations.

The 2019 Graduate Research Forum was held on November 1, at the Armstrong Student Center

If you're a graduate student, it's not too early to think about what you might present next year.  If you are a graduate alumnus, please consider helping out in some capacity.  

2019 Presenters were

Daniel Blakemore (Advisor:  Claire McLeod), The Hidden Value of Fool’s Gold: A Search for “Invisible” Gold at the Round Mountain Mine, Nevada 

Alex Kugler (Advisor:  Hailiang Dong), Microbes Breathing Iron—Basalt Host Rock Altered to Chlorite by Pseudogulbenkiania sp. strain 2002 

George Daly (Advisor:  Elisabeth Widom), Application of Radiogenic Isotopes as Potential Tracers of Wine Provenance 

Christopher Emproto (Advisor:  John Rakovan), Trace Element and Anion Chemistry of Carbonate-Hosted Apatite in the Grenville Province 

Shannon Fasola (Advisor:  Mike Brudzinski), Hydraulic Fracture Injection Strategy Influences the Probability of Earthquakes in the Eagle Ford Shale Play of South Texas 

Aleksandra Gawronska (Advisor:  Claire McLeod), Analysis of Apollo Samples via X-Ray Computed Tomography 

Masoomeh Kousehlar (Advisor:  Elisabeth Widom), Geochemical characterization of steel plant emissions in Middletown Ohio by lichen biomonitoring 

Jennifer McClellan (Advisor:  Mark Krekeler), InvesterK kraigating a rhyolite outcrop near an old silver mine of Tonopah, Nevada 

Alexander Ruley (Advisor:  Mark Krekeler), Round Mountain Mine: An Investigation into Gold Formation, Distribution and Variation Between Units 

Liannie Velazquez Santana (Advisor:  Claire McLeod), Crustal Xenoliths, their Zircon and Apatites: Investigating the Continental Basement beneath the Central Andes 

Terry Workman (Advisor:  Jason Rech), Holocene Environments, Indigenous Peoples, Mining, and Water Rights in the northern Atacama Desert, Chile 

Sutton Chiorini, Robert Skoumal (Advisor:  Mike Brudzinski), An Efficient Repeating Signal Detector Machine to Improve Detection of Induced Seismicity