Graduate Research Forum

The Graduate Research Forum is an opportunity for Miami University graduate students to share their scholarship with the university community. Students present their scholarship in oral sessions and in poster sessions, and are evaluated by faculty and alumni judges. Awards are given to the top oral and top poster presentations.

The 2018 Graduate Research Forum was held on November 9, at the Shriver Center

If you're a graduate student, it's not too early to think about what you might present next year.  If you are a graduate alumnus, please consider helping out in some capacity.  

2018 Presenters were

Cymes, Brittany, "Growth of Novel Rare-earth Manganese-Oxide-Mineral for Industrial Applications", Advisor:  Carrie Tyler

Sorman, Melanie, "Modeling Complexity and Stability of Mesozoic Tethyan Food Webs to Understand Ecosystem Restructuring", Advisor:  Carrie Tyler

Blakemore, Daniel, "Unraveling the Evolution of the Round Mountain Gold Mine: Insights from the Mineral Zircon (ZrSi04)", Advisor:  Mark Krekeler

Haley, Maureen, "Unraveling the Magmatic Architecture of Rift Related Granitic Batholiths:  Perspectives from Amphibole and Feldspar", Advisor:  Claire McLeod

Salings, Emily, "Compositional Variation in a Single Volcanic Eruption:  Evolution of Magma from Source to Surface", Advisor:  Elisabeth Widom

Velazquez, Liannie, "Crustal ARChitecture:  Inputs and Outputs of Central Andean Magmatic Systems", Advisor:  Claire McLeod

Gawronska, Alexandra, "Analyzing Moon Rocks is 3D Better Than 2D?", Advisor:  Claire McLeod

Zhao, Simin, "What are the Microbial "Bugs" Doing to Our Soils in Anaerobic Conditions When Organic Matter and Nitrate is Present?", Advisor:  Hailiang Dong

Farrar, Lyndsey, "Tracing Traces of Predation and Prasitism on Fossil Echinoids Through Geologic Time", Advisor:  Carrie Tyler

Flett, Lonnie, "Airborne Uranium Particles Potentially Harmful to Local Health on the Spokane Indian Reservation", Advisor: Mark Krekeler

Fasola, Shannon, "Earthquake Swarms and Slow Slip on a Silver Fault in the Mexican Subduction Zone", Advisor:  Mike Brudzinski

Kousehlar, Masoomeh, "Air Quality Assessment and Toxic Metal Source Apportionment in Middletown, Ohio:  Lichen Biomonitoring of Steel Production", Advisor:  Elisabeth Widom