Dilchoda Berdieva

photo of Dilchoda BerdievaContact Information

28 MacMillan Hall
Oxford, OH 45056
(513) 529-2746


Global and Intercultural Studies (International Studies)


PhD, Miami University


Dr. Berdieva teaches large sections of introductory courses in International Studies. She serves as an advisor for the ITS students with concentrations in Conflict, Peace, and Diplomacy and Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Dilchoda has received commendations from the Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment for her positive impact on the students' learning and development during their study at Miami University (2010, 2012, and 2014).

Dilchoda speaks 5 languages: English, Russian, Tajik, Uzbek, and Polish, and she uses her knowledge of languages and cultures both in her teaching and research.


Dilchoda's research and teaching interests are in the Central Asian politics, including the questions of migration, identity, and minority politics. Her article on "Migration: Policies and Laws in Central Asia" appeared in the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures (Brill). Her current research is focusing on Islamic radicalization of the Central Asian youth in Russia.

Other Activities

Dilchoda Berdieva is also an Academic Advisory Board member for McGraw Hill as a manuscript reviewer. When she is not busy working on her school work, Dilchoda volunteers at local schools and local community events.