Jonathan Meyer

Jonathan Meyer

Name: Jonathan Meyer
Majors: International Studies & German
Minor: History

Studying German at Miami University has opened countless doors for my future career goals. I always had a deep interest in German language and culture due to my family’s German roots, and began taking German lessons in high school. Upon entering university, I decided to continue my studies with a minor.

Following my first year at Miami University, I took part in the Intensive German Summer Program, where I spent two months living with host families in various German cities and taking lessons with Dr. John Jeep. As a result of this program, what was initially a minor in German became a major and the focus of my language studies. I then spent a semester studying at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria, where I took international relations courses taught in English and German that expanded my worldview and improved my German proficiency.

After returning from Austria I received tremendous support from faculty in my application to and eventual acceptance of a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant in Germany (shout out to Dr. John Jeep, Dr. Mila Ganeva, Dr. Nicole Thesz, and Dr. Maria Ivanova). The Fulbright grant gave me valuable experience living and working abroad where I engaged in cross-cultural exchange with students and teachers at a school in Hannover, Germany.

The skills gained from this Fulbright experience led me to my current work with the Peace Corps, where I have spent the past two years teaching English at a school in the beautiful Kyrgyz Republic. Upon completion of my service I hope to find work related to foreign policy, whether with the State Department or elsewhere. While I do not yet know my post-Peace Corps plans, what I do know is that the fantastic education and support that I received from German department faculty at Miami have provided me with amazing opportunities that I am sure will lead me to a rewarding career in my field.