Advising and Placement for German

Reichstag in Berlin Reichstag in Berlin
 Bern Clock Tower  Bern Clock Tower
 Brandenburg Gate in Berlin  Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
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For questions relating to German courses or advising guidance, please contact:

Dr. Catherine Grimm
Chief Departmental Advisor for German
Irvin Hall 144
(513) 529-2585

To declare German as a major or a minor, see the Chief Department Advisor (CDA) to sign up officially (this is a quick matter and requires only one short form to be filled out) as well as to review the requirements and set up a course plan. The CDA can also help you with plans for graduation, study abroad, graduate school, or career.


Students who have graduated in recent years from Miami with a German major or minor have gone into careers including government service, international business or marketing, international banking, librarianship, and, of course, teaching. Others have gone into careers unrelated to German, but have found ways to make their German competence relevant and report that they have traveled to Europe for their firms or used their abilities in German-language correspondence.

The Center for Career Exploration and Success maintains a library of reference works in 228 Hoyt. This office also sponsors a wide variety of workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills and career choices. The announcements of the Center are posted on the GRAMELAC bulletin board.

Course Placement

For general information about placement in German, please access the language placement guide at the ILRC.

If this is a new language for you (i.e., no prior experience in this language), students should enroll in German 101 and do not need to take a placement exam or advisement evaluation.

If you have had previous experience or education in this language,you will need to take the German Placement Test first to see which level you should enroll in. Go to Miami's Foreign Language Placement test web site and select German for your language. Then select the number of years you have previously had learning German. If you have had 1/2 years, round up to the next whole year of previous experience. When you are finished with the test, you will receive a raw score and a suggested placement.

If you believe that the language placement is incorrect or have doubts about the placment, please talk to the language advisor, who would be able to interview you briefly and recommend a best placement based on your written, spoken, listening, literary, and cultural competence.