Advising and Placement for Japanese

Hokkaido Flower Fields Hokkaido Flower Fields
 Kazuhiko Komatsu and Noriko Reider  Kazuhiko Komatsu and Noriko Reider
Lantern Lit Path in Kyoto Lantern Lit Path in Kyoto
 Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossems  Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossems
 Okinawa Five Castles  Okinawa Five Castles
 Japanese Onsen  Japanese Onsen
Fortress in Osaka Fortress in Osaka
Shinto Gate Shinto Gate
 Taiko Drummers  Taiko Drummers
 Downtown Tokyo at Night  Downtown Tokyo at Night
 Japanese Wave Pixel Art  Japanese Wave Pixel Art


For questions relating to Japanese courses or advising guidance, please contact:

Dr. Kazue Harada
Chief Departmental Advisor for Japanese
Irvin Hall 152
(513) 529-3365 Office
(513) 529-2526 Department Office

Dr. Harada provides academic advising for the Japanese minor and the East Asian Languages and Cultures major, Japan concentration: reviewing DARS, evaluating transferred credits, helping a course plan toward graduation, signing a declaration form, giving counsel regarding study abroad, graduate school, and career.

The bulletin board across from 150 Irvin contains information about career opportunities, study and work abroad, and department activities. The black metal literature holder in front of 148 Irvin Hall contain graduate programs, summer programs, and one semester or longer programs in Japan/US.


Students with a Japanese minor have taken jobs in computer software companies, the military, airline companies, educational institutions, and publishing companies, etc; many of them are directly/ indirectly related to Japan. JET, the Japanese government sponsored English teaching/ cultural exchange program is one of the most popular postgraduate internship opportunities.

The Center for Career Exploration and Success maintains a library of reference works in 228 Hoyt. This office also sponsors a wide variety of workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills and career choices. The announcements of the Center are posted on the GRAMELAC bulletin board.

Course Placement

If this is a new language for you (i.e., no prior experience in this language), students should enroll in Japanese 101 and do not need to take a placement exam or advisement evaluation.

If you have had previous experience or education in this language, please talk to the language advisor prior to enrolling in a language course. The language advisor would be able to interview briefly and recommend a best placement based on your written, spoken, listening, literary, and cultural competence.

If you cannot talk with the language advisor before enrolling, general guidelines for enrolling in Japanese courses can be found on Miami's Foreign Language Placement test web site. Please read the instructions on this site carefully, select Japanese, and read the guidelines for a general placement recommendation.