The HST 340 Internship is reserved for majors in the History Department who have attained at least junior standing. From 1 to 12 semester hours may be granted for HST 340 in any one semester. The History Department discourages applying more than three semester hours of internship credit to the requirements of the History major, but up to 16 hours may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree.

Internships must be approved prior to registration by the supervising faculty member and the Department Chair.

Internship credit may not be obtained for university service or activities.

As a general guide, 40-50 hours of work on site would constitute about one hour of academic credit (1 credit hour = 16 hours of class time plus 32 hours of non-class time).

An “Internship Agreement” form must be submitted to the Department Chair. Forms are available in the History Department office, Room 256 Upham. Also, the student must deliver a letter in which the host entity supervisor agrees to manage the internship, explains the intern’s responsibilities, and agrees to submit a letter of evaluation of the internship to the faculty sponsor at the completion of the experience.

Students must be enrolled in the internship course at the same time as they are completing the internship (for example, one may not sign up for internship credit in the Fall term for an internship completed over the summer). Please remember that the university will bill you for any credit hours for which you enroll, including internship hours in the summer, at the prevailing rate.

By the completion of the internship activity, the student must have presented to the supervising faculty member an essay (or its agreed-upon equivalent) of a length and sophistication commensurate with the work done during the internship and the number of HST 340 hours taken (normally a “term paper” of about 20 pages is considered suitable for 3 credit hours). This document should analyze and reflect upon the lessons learned during and from the experience, and be of an appropriate academic rigor. Also, the student must submit a statement from the supervising entity describing the intern’s performance. Both documents must be acceptable to the supervising faculty member before credit is granted.

To assist students contemplating an internship, the director of Undergraduate Studies will maintain an open file of proposals and written work produced during completed internships.

Any student interested in taking HST 340 Internship should contact the History Chief Departmental Advisor, Helen Sheumaker for more information.