Graduate Studies

Miami has been recognized time and again as a "Public Ivy", offering tremendous educational opportunities. The Department of Mathematics has been recognized by its peers in similar fashion, often garnering national recognition and awards.

The Department offers a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics. Located in Bachelor Hall in Oxford, Ohio, we are just a short drive from Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. Our 25+ tenure track faculty have research interests in a wide range of areas within mathematics, including Algebra, Analysis, Applied Analysis, Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Mathematics Education, Optimization, Set Theory, Differential Equations and Applied Dynamical Systems, Algebraic Topology and Geometric Group Theory. Find out more about our faculty and their research interests.

Our program is rather small when compared to many PHD-granting departments. We usually have only about 20 graduate students at any given time, hence classes are small with a great deal of personal interaction between students and faculty. Graduate student and faculty offices are not far from each other, facilitating this interaction.

Do you want to try your hand at teaching? Unlike many programs, here at Miami you will most likely have an opportunity to teach a recitation session or possibly your own class, such as Precalculus, Calculus, or similar. This will give you an excellent taste of professional life in higher education.

Our graduate degree paves a way toward a variety of careers. For some of our alumni, our program has served as a gateway to top PhD programs; some teach mathematics as instructors in universities and high schools and others are successful in business, industry, private sector, or government service.

The applications are accepted year round, but admission decisions are made in early February. A GRE score is not required to gain entrance into our graduate program.The application contains an option to request financial support in the form of the Graduate Assistantship.

If you are a prospective student from the USA, submit your application here. The link to
the application and further information for international students is here.

For more information about our program or the Graduate School at Miami University, complete the Graduate School Request for Information at the Graduate School website.

For further information, contact Beata Randrianantoanina, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Mathematics, Miami University, 227 Bachelor Hall, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056,