MTH Help Sessions

To access the google doc schedule from the link below, you must be logged in to the Miami U. system.  The schedule may change at any time, so consult the current version.  MTH help session are free!  No appointments are necessary; simply arrive!  These will not run on Miami U. holidays, the nights just before Miami Holidays, Final Exam week, and the first week of classes.  Only offered during Fall and Spring semesters.


MTH 151 online Zoom sessions

These are held each MTWR in the early evening.  Clicking the appropriate link within the google doc spreadsheet should send you to the appropriate zoom meeting. 

In-person Math Help Sessions (Oxford only), for MTH 151, 125, 122, or 025:

Held at the "Math Help Center" in room 106 Bachelor Hall.
The door to room 106 is in the hallway near large lecture rooms BAC 101 and 102, at the south end of the building.  The link above sends you to the schedule for these sessions. These help sessions are held each MTWR in both the afternoon and evening, but consult the current schedule version for details.