Miami's Media, Journalism & Film department offers several majors: Media and Communication (formerly called Media and Culture), JournalismStrategic Communication, and Film Studies. The department also offers a minor in Journalism. At Miami, we are housed in the College of Arts & Science. We have a strong commitment to professional skills training across all media and to a solid liberal arts education. Our emphasis is in educating students broadly as critical thinkers and capable writers, while also grounding them in various skills (for example, TV and radio production, scriptwriting, reporting, interviewing, storytelling, editing, public speaking, and public relations).

The department added departmental honors to its curriculum. To earn departmental honors in MJF, a student must graduate with a minimum overall GPA of 3.5, plus earn 8* points over four years through classes and opportunities outside classes. Students may use any combination of activities to reach 8 points, but may not receive more than 4 points from any individual activity.

In addition to our vibrant internship programs, many of our writing and production classes are now partnered with area newsrooms and media companies where students produce online, broadcast, and print projects that are published or aired. We also offer a number of study away programs including our Inside Washington program (in partnership with political science) — either in summer or spring semester — where our students attend class, conduct Q&As with speakers, meet Miami alumni, and eventually transition to into a full time internship in their area of interest. Other popular travel programs bring students to Hollywood, Chicago, New York and Kosovo.