2021-22 Physics Mentors

About the Program

The Miami University Department of Physics is dedicated to ensuring all new and current students get the most out of their undergraduate experience. Our department is uniquely distinguished by our commitment to undergraduate teaching, our high volume of involvement in undergraduate research, and our various departmental programs and clubs into which students are encouraged to get involved.

We are pleased to be able to offer a mentoring program to our incoming freshmen, transfer students, and students new to the department. The mentor program was implemented by students for students. It is comprised of upperclassmen student volunteers. The program's goal is to aid new students in their transition into the department by acting as a bridge between students and faculty, providing guidance on class scheduling, aiding in the involvement of undergraduate research, and diminishing the social gap between upper and underclassmen.

The Department of Physics is a closely knit community and our goal is to ensure all new and current students feel welcome. Future students...we look forward to meeting you!

Contact Olivia Kline or Kyra Stillwell to become a mentor!

Anthony Bennett

My name is Anthony Bennett and I am a junior here at Miami. I am currently going for a BS in physics with a minor in geology, but that may change to engineering physics depending on how much I like computer science. Outside of being a physics mentor, I do research in Dr. Brudzinski's seismology lab, I am the president of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), the undergraduate representative for the physics department, an SI for PHY 191, a SEAL Ambassador, and a member of MAP. I wanted to be a mentor because I care a lot about the physics department here and I want to help others feel at home in this department.

Grant Brown

I am a junior physics major and I am minoring in social justice studies. I am a member of the Society of Physics Students, the University Honors Program, and I am a member of Dr. Bali’s Cold Atom Lab. I am also looking to rejoin more extracurriculars this semester such as College Democrats. I’m excited to be a mentor because I want to do for this freshman class what my physics mentor did for me. They were a great resource for just about anything even if it was just a quick question about Physics 191. I love the physics department here at Miami, so I hope we can be a resource to help you navigate your major, the department, and even Miami as a whole!

Boyd Colbrunn

I am a senior biological physics major with a co-major in premedical studies and a minor in disability studies. I am in the honors program at Miami, and I do research with Dr. Vishwanath. Additionally, I am philanthropy chair of Delta Epsilon Mu, Miami’s pre-health fraternity. Going down a pre-med track while majoring in physics is not a common path, and I would love to pass on the advice I received from upperclassmen when I began.

Olivia Kline

I am a junior biological physics major with a pre-health co-major, looking forward to starting my second year as a physics mentor. In addition to mentoring, I spend lots of time in Kreger Hall as a member of Dr. Vishwanath’s Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging Methods lab. Last fall, I began tutoring as well as working as a contact tracer in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. While the majority of my time is spent studying for what feels like every STEM class under the sun, I am also involved with Paws 4 a Cause Miami here on campus. I selected biological physics on a whim, expecting to change my major early in my studies, but my love for physics has only grown thanks to my experience with the department. I am grateful for the wonderful group of scholars that I have met in my time at Miami and I look forward to expanding that network further as a 2021-22 physics mentor. I am always eager to chat about classes, coursework and of course physics and it is my hope that I can impart what modest knowledge I have gained onto the next group of Miami physicists!

Nathan Kravitz

Hi! My name’s Nathan Kravitz and I’m a fifth-year engineering physics student. I don’t have too many extracurriculars to mention; however, I work at Ace Hardware here in town currently. I also like to hike, bike, and sometimes run, in my free time. I want to be a mentor because I wish that I had someone at the beginning of my physics journey to go to for existential help! You’ll most certainly find yourself questioning yourself as you progress through this challenging program. I’d like to be another voice to tell you that you can do it! And that it’s worth it!

Blake McClain

My name is Blake McClain. I am a biological physics and premedical studies major. I am involved in the Miami Club Bowling team, Epsilon Tau Pi, SPS, and AMSA. I want to be a mentor because I love teaching others and mentoring helped me to figure out what was going on freshman year so I would love to give back and help others.

Logan Patrick

My name is Logan Patrick and I'm a junior physics and mathematics double major. I am a member of the Society of Physics Students as well as the Native American Student Association. I am currently doing research for Dr. Mirza in his Quantum Information Group and have worked within the physics department for nearly two years helping with lab preparation and storage for Mark Fisher. I wanted to be a mentor so that I could connect with underclassmen physics students so that I could be a resource for them to promote more success within our major.

Kyra Stillwell

I am a junior physics major minoring in mechanical engineering, and this year will be my second as a mentor. I’m a member of the University Honors Program, the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, and the Society of Physics Students, as well as a math and physics tutor through Schwartz Tutoring. I also participate in research with Dr. Khan’s lab, exploring the characteristics of novel magnetic materials for purposes like superconductivity and magnetic refrigeration. The physics department offers a ton of resources and opportunities, and having guidance from upperclassmen my first year really helped me to take advantage of them and make the most out of my education. I’m excited to share what insight I’ve gained so far and get to know some of the newer members of the department!

Neha Sunil

I am a junior majoring in physics and minoring in philosophy. I am currently the secretary of the Society of Physics Students as well as a member of the Astronomy Club. This will be my second semester in the experimental group of Dr. Samson's Bose-Einstein Condensate research lab. I came to Miami with my major undecided and tried several different classes from politics to economics as well as clubs from Miami Mock Trial to boxing. I decided to major in physics my second semester freshman year so I felt a little behind. Thanks to this department being full of sincerely kind and helpful faculty and peers I caught up in no time and I have felt supported ever since. I want to do my part to pay back what I received as an underclassman here and show others how amazing this department can be.

Danny Wingert

My name is Daniel Wingert, and I am a fourth-year engineering physics major with a minor in mechanical engineering. I have been a member of the honors program here since my freshman year, and joined Dr. Samir Bali’s optical research lab in the spring of 2020. Additionally, I participate in several intramural leagues, including broomball and soccer. In the summer of 2021, I had the privilege of being an Undergraduate Summer Scholar, performing research with the physics department, and am a member of the Society of Physics Students. In my time at Miami, I have worked both in the physics department as a research assistant, and in the engineering department as an undergraduate assistant. I hope to be able to share my experiences in both departments with incoming students, as I believe Miami’s engineering physics program is an excellent option for students who have a passion for both fields.

Noshin Yesmin

My name is Noshin Yesmin. I am a physics major with computer science and mathematics minors. It's my last year at Miami as an undergrad. I am an international student from Bangladesh. I work in the astrophysics lab under the supervision of Dr Alexander. I wanted to be a mentor because I think sharing my experience as a student in the department may help new students. I also love to know people who want to pursue physics and why they want to do it!