Seminars and Lectures

Spring 2023, 4:25pm, 221 Kreger Hall, unless otherwise noted

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Jan 25—No Seminar, First Week of Class

Feb 1—Undergraduate Research Presentations

Grant Brown, Physics Major & Reese Tyra, Physics & Music Performance Double Major

"In the Nanoworld, Noise Helps! Developing a Directionally Arbitrary Nano Ratchet"

Morgan Davies, Physics & Chemistry Double Major

"Rovibrationally Resolved Lifetime of the 6sSg(v=40,J) State of Molecular Sodium"

Feb 8—Evgeny Mikheev, University of Cincinnati

"Quantum point contacts in an oxide superconductor SrTiO3"

Feb 15—Thomas O'Sullivan, University of Notre Dame

"Seeing More with Less: Enabling the Future of Deep Tissue Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy"

Feb 22—TBA


Mar 1—Kanu Sinha, Arizona State University

"Superduperradiance: Collective Atom-field Interactions in Waveguide QED"

Mar 8—Doerte Blume, University of Oklahoma


Mar 9—Benson Lecture: Christopher Jarzynski, University of Maryland


Mar 15—Satish Prabhakaran, General Electric


Mar 22—No Seminar, Spring Break

Mar 29—Priest Lecture: Robert "Doc" Brown, Case Western Reserve University


Apr 5—Nathan Lundblad, Bates College


Apr 12—Ercan Alp, Argonne National Lab


Apr 19—Vincent Billock, Senior Research Scientist, Leidos, Inc. & Naval Areospace Medical Research Laboratory


Apr 26—Sophia Economou (tent.), Virginia Tech


May 3—No Seminar, Awards Presentation