Internships and Fellowships

Internship credits through the Department of Political Science are only available to majors.

  1. The POL 340 internship is reserved for majors in the Department of Political Science.

All internships are credit/no credit and thus will count toward a student’s 124/128 hours to graduate but not toward the completion of the major. From 0 to 12 semester hours may be granted for POL 340 in any one semester. No more than 16 semesters hours of internship credit may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree.

  3. Please remember that the university will bill you for any credit hours for which you enroll, including internship hours in the summer, at the prevailing rate.

  4. Zero Credit Hour option is available to students and must meet all of the requirements of a credit awarding internship in order to receive an official Miami University transcript notation. 
  5. Internships must be approved prior to registration by the supervising POL faculty member and the Chair, Chief Departmental Adviser, or Internship Coordinator. You must identify, contact, and obtain approval from a supervising POL faculty member BEFORE submitting your internship application.

Internship credit may not be obtained for university service or activities. 
As a general guide, 40-50 hours of work on site would constitute about 1 hour of academic credit (1 credit hour = 16 hours of class time plus 32 hours of out of class time). The Zero Credit Hour option should approximate the one credit hour standard. NOTE: Faculty Sponsors may require additional academic work beyond the hours worked at an internship. Please discuss this with your Faculty Sponsor BEFORE applying for internship credit hours.

  7. The Application Form (see ONLINE version below) must be submitted along with a copy of a letter from the host agency supervisor that discusses the internship responsibilities, agrees to manage the internship, and agrees to submit a letter of evaluation of the internship to the faculty sponsor at the completion of the experience.

Students must be enrolled in the internship course at the same time as they are completing the internship (for example, you may not sign up for internship credit in the Fall term for an internship completed over the summer). Enrollment in POL 340 requires students to submit a signed Independent Study Form at the Registrar's Office.

Upon completion of the internship activity, the student must present to the supervising faculty member an analytical statement of the experience in light of the relevant literature in the field, as well as a statement from the supervising agency as to the student’s performance.  Both must be found acceptable by the supervising faculty member before credit is granted. Scroll down to the red box at the bottom of this page for the link to Completion Form that you can send to your supervisor. NOTE: Faculty sponsors may modify or waive the analytical statement requirement for zero-credit internships.

You must complete ALL of the following steps to earn internship credit (including zero credit option):

  1. Submit an application (complete online form below),
  2. receive approval of your application,
  3. register for POL 340 including zero credit option,
  4. internship supervisor submits online Completion Form (see bottom of page for link).

Please complete the online application below to apply. Be sure all information is complete prior to submission.

Click here for the online COMPLETION FORM. Copy the link, paste into an email, and send to your supervisor. This form must be submitted by your supervisor in order for you to receive a final grade.